Fish Leather Keychains

The fish leather keychains are hand stitched using vegetable bark tanned fish leather and reindeer leather.
The fish skin key fobs are made using zero waste materials that would have otherwise been discarded.

I purchase my reindeer leather from Sami suppliers in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Reindeer leather is a precious commodity and the Sami people use it for their clothing, making belts, straps, bags and other items. Generally they only sell small scraps to others, that they would not normally use.

I hand tan some of the fish leathers that I use, and also purchase small quantities of pre-tanned fish skins from other suppliers.

Please check my Etsy shop for the latest selection of hand stitched key rings, keyfobs, keychains, as well as other items that I have hand crafted using fish skins and reindeer leather.

Carp Fish Leather Keyring

Salmon Leather Skins

Salmon Leather skins come in sizes ranging from 40 – 60 cm in length and 10 – 15 cm in width.
Colours will vary depending on the particular tree barks or natural dyes that have been used.

The salmon skin leather has been sourced from fisheries in British Columbia and the UK where the fish skins would otherwise have been discarded.

Please check back for our latest selection of naturally tanned and dyed salmon skin leathers.