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Fish Leather Keychains

Carp Fish Leather Keyring

The fish leather keychains are hand stitched using vegetable bark tanned fish leather and reindeer leather. The fish skin key fobs are made using zero waste materials that would have otherwise been […]

Fish Tanning Blog

Fish leather is not all about salmon. Over the coming months, I will be sampling many types of fish skins to see how they tan and what types of fish leather can […]

Fish Leather Bracelets

Sea Bass Fish Leather Cuff

Shop for naturally tanned fish leather bracelets and arm bands in my Etsy Shop. These bracelets and arm bands are hand stitched using fish leather, reindeer leather and pewter thread.

Salmon Leather Wallets

Salmon Leather Wallets

Shop for Flex Frame wallets, coin purses, card wallets or billfold wallets made of Salmon leather and other fish skins and other naturally tanned Fish Leather in my PaivatarYarn Etsy Shop. The […]

Salmon Leather Skins

Salmon Leather BirchBark Tanning

Salmon Leather skins come in sizes ranging from 40 – 60 cm in length and 10 – 15 cm in width. Colours will vary depending on the particular tree barks or natural […]